Associated factors with constipation in elderly diabetic patients
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Nguyen, T. A., Nguyen, N. T. ., & Vu, T. T. H. . (2021). Associated factors with constipation in elderly diabetic patients. Vietnam Journal of Diabetes and Endocrinology, (48), 10-13.

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Background: Rarely researches about related factors for constipation for older diabetics patient. Objectives: Assess some associated factors with constipation in older diabetic patients. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted in National Geriatric hospital in three months (from July to October, 2020). Related factors was determined by using Mini Nutrition Assessment (MNA-SF), Instrumental Activities of Daily Livings (IADLs), Activities of Daily Livings (ADLs), The 3 Incontinence Questions (3IQ), and questions about daily fiber and water. Results: Drinking <1000 ml water per day (adjusted OR = 4.203, p=0.000. Eating vegestable < 1 bowl per day (adjusted OR = 5.752, p=0.000) Regarding physical function (ADL) (adjusted OR = 2.548, p=0.001) Regarding instrument activities of daliy living (IADL),  (adjusted OR= 1.784, p=0.044)  BMI ≥ 23 (adjusted OR: 1.914, p = 0.026) Factors that decrease the risk of constipation: Living with family (adjusted OR = 0.253, p=0.02). Conclusion: Management the related factors with higher odd ratio of constipation in older diabetic patients was important in daily practice
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