Skin manifestations in diabetes mellitus: a clinical study
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Từ khóa

cutaneous manifestation
bacterial infection
fungal infection
diabetic dermopathy biểu hiện ở da
nhiễm khuẩn
nhiễm trùng nấm
bệnh khô da
chứng loạn dưỡng móng
bệnh da liễu tiểu đường

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Nguyen, T. M. L., Pham, T. L., & Nguyen, K. D. V. (2023). Skin manifestations in diabetes mellitus: a clinical study. Vietnam Journal of Diabetes and Endocrinology, (53).

Tóm tắt

Background: Skin diseases are among common injuries in diabetes. Skin changes play a role as an early manifestation as well as a reflection of glucose metabolic control and chronic complication management of diabetes. Objective: To evaluate clinical and laboratory features of diabetic patients with skin manifestations and the relation between common skin diseases and chronic diabetic related characteristics. Patient and method: 109 patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes having skin injury hospitalized in Diabetic and Endocrinology Department of Bach Mai hospital and National Hospital of Dermatology from August 2019 to August 2020. Result: The prevalence of male and female patients in the study were 52,3% and 47,7% respectively, with the mean age of 60,46 ± 15,27. There were 4,6% patients with DM type 1 and 95,4% with DM type 2, the mean duration of DM was 7,71 ± 7,78 years. The most prevalent cutaneous findings were xerosis (59,6%), bacterial infection (22%), fungal infection (15,6%), onychodystrophy (19,3%), diabetic dermopathy (7,3%). The majority of patients (57,8%) had more than one type of skin injury. Of 109 patients, 33% had nephropathy, 27,5% had retinopathy, 29,8% had neuropathy; the prevalence of stroke, coronary artery disease and peripheral artery disease was 12,8%, 9,2% and 6,4% respectively. There was a statistically significant relationship between some common skin manifestations and duration of diabetes and microvascular complication, however, similar relation had not been found regarding such skin lesions and macrovascular diseases. Conclusion: The most frequent cutaneous manifestation in patients with diabetes were xerosis,   bacterial   infection,   fungal infection, onychodystrophy and diabetic dermopathy. Skin disorders may hint the existence of microvascular complication of diabetes.
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