Current status of national iodine deficiency in Vietnam

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Phan, H. D., Doan, T. V., Nguyen, Q. C., Duong, M. T., & Nguyen, D. T. . (2021). Current status of national iodine deficiency in Vietnam. Vietnam Journal of Diabetes and Endocrinology, (36), 68-73. Truy vấn từ

Tóm tắt

The study was conducted nationwide, including 6 socio-economic regions with 2160 households with women aged 18-49 years. The survey results are as follows: the rate of households using iodine salty condiments (ISC) is 90.6% at nationwide level. The proportion of households consuming adequately iodized salty condiments is 79,6%. The median value of urine iodine level is 97 μg /l. In which: Northern midlands and mountains area: 72 μg/ l; Red river delta: 89 μg / l; North central area and central coastal area: 95 μg / l; Central highlands area: 118, 5 μg / l; Southeast area: 107 μg / l; Mekong river delta: 93 μg / l.